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40th Anniversary Guitars

40th anniversary guitar

In celebration of 40 years of Froggy Bottom Guitars, we are offering our first limited edition:

12 guitars of 'best of the best' 5A Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack spruce, based on the Froggy Bottom model of the buyer's choice.

All 12 instruments have been ordered. Six dealers will have anniversary guitars. Images here illustrate features of these guitars, not the guitars themselves.

Each guitar comes with an individual letter of documentation and commemorative 40th anniversary label and is based on our premium/limited grade ornamentation including:

  • our very finest premium quality woods
  • Paua abalone top perimeter, fretboard extension, rosette and backstripe
  • one-of-a-kind hand-engraved mammoth ivory heelcap
  • choice of ebony or Brazilian rosewood peghead overlay, bound headstock
  • hand-engraved gold Waverly tuners
  • body binding, including endgraft and neck heelgrafts of figured big-leaf maple
  • fretboard inlay of your choice
  • accessory package of Keyser capo and humidifier, Lakota Leathers buffalo hide strap
  • special 40th anniversary logo inlaid on fretboard extension

Well Michael…now that I have lived with my new baby for a few days there seems to be a few major issues I have come across…

First, Playing it is all I want to do making it impossible to get anything else accomplished.
Second, I now seem to have a whole bunch of useless instruments laying around.
Thirdly, I now need to save lots of money so I can have another!!!

Thanks for building me such a incredible instrument…it will inspire me to make the time required to take my talent to another level.

R.S. -   NJ


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