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2018 Raffle News


On the afternoon of July 6th, the winning ticket was drawn. The beautiful Froggy Bottom Model F-14 has found a home from among the 277 people who bought tickets by the raffle deadline.  Alec of New York is the lucky winner.

The winning ticket was bought on the first day of the raffle in a group of six tickets. The winner has been notified by phone.  The first thing the winner said was, “I’m going to make another donation to Lakota Tiny House Nation!”  Then, he said, “Thank you.

He plays guitar every day and has been dreaming of an instrument like this for years. (Big smiles all around.)

We’ll post photos when they become available. These sort of events make us friends. We count everyone who participated among them.

Of the 1,500 hundred tickets available, 1480 tickets were sold. Support for the Lakota Tiny House Nation’s work came from forty-one different US states and six other countries: Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland.

The raffle raised more than $26,000 for the good work being done on the Pine Ridge Reservation by Lakota Tiny House Nation as they train Lakota youth and build affordable housing for people in need. (This is a good-faith estimate. The final accounting may be a bit higher after credit card processing fees are known.)

The folks at Pine Ridge Reservation expect to be able to finish the tiny house they are currently building and hopefully cover building the next one. This is important work.

All of us at Froggy Bottom Guitars and at Lakota Tiny House Nation (LTHN) send everyone who participated in this charity raffle our heartfelt thanks.

While one of you will shortly have a remarkable guitar to play, all of you have helped a strong, traditional community as it struggles to preserve and reinvigorate its way of life.

We are deeply grateful for your investment in that work.

To amplify your support for this good cause, additional contributions are always welcome. LTHN has a GoFundMe page at: https://www.gofundme.com/lakotatinyhousentn

Our best wishes to you all.




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