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Froggy Model F14

Froggy Bottom Model F14 Full Size Guitar

The Froggy Bottom Model F14 is the 14-fret version of their Model F that was inspired by the 1960s era conversions of old Martin F-7 archtops into flat top guitars. Adjustments in the body length and bridge placement to accommodate the extra frets allows this guitar to deliver a slightly more focused tone and projection, while preserving the complexity and balance of the F-12.

“For a couple years now I have been looking for a guitar that combined some of the attributes of both my more traditional guitars (Martin and Collings) and my more "modern" guitars (Goodall). I have also been searching for a guitar that would fit in between an OM and Dread, both in size and sound. I have found that guitar in the Froggy F model.

R. S.

F14 Model Specs

Body Width:
Body Length:
Body Depth:
Scale Length:
Nut Width:
(variable at no charge)

F Model Prices

These prices reflect only the basic grade and wood choices for this model. Our price list has prices for specific custom options. Our current prices, effective February 2014, are subject to change without notice.

mahogany 6795 7835 9065
rosewood 6795 7835 9065
maple N/A 8520 9774
walnut N/A 9190 10,445
koa N/A 10,335 11,590


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