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Custom Ordering Directly from the Froggy Bottom Shop

“When I’ve watched Michael sit down with clients and sleuth out what they wanted in a guitar, the process gave me goose bumps.  His questions to the client seemed to have as much to do with their emotional attachment to the desired instrument as to practical size and desired sound.

“When it was my turn, I wanted a small guitar that I could hold easily, but that still had a big sound and was easy to play.”
-CS, California

Choosing a guitar can be simple: you walk into a store, fall in love, plunk your money down, and go home happy.

But finding your “holy grail” of guitars typically involves years of playing a wide variety of instruments as you zero in on what you want. There are off-the-shelf instruments available that may stand out in one area or another.

We hear from players who have found elements of their “grail guitar” scattered among various instruments: the high end of this one, the bass response of that, the volume and balance of another...

At Froggy Bottom, when we build a custom guitar, our job in conversation with the player is to do whatever is necessary to determine as precisely as possible the nature of that imagined “grail guitar”. And then build it.

Unlike the custom shops of most other guitar companies – where you may be allowed to specify inlay patterns, trim details and wood choices, but the guitar is still made to their existing “recipe” – with a Froggy Bottom custom guitar, the design parameters including body size, shape, depth, scale length, neck dimensions, the neck/body attachment point, and the relevant proportions and contours of the instrument are all considered and chosen in consultation with the player in service to the desired results.

It's ALL about function!!!

Every element of a custom hand made instrument is decided upon based on your functional requirements. We have done this for over a thousand players in the last 40 years and the feedback we hear consistently is that we have far exceeded their hopes and expectations.

The finest examples of our extensive inventory of rare and exotic woods are available only for custom guitars ordered directly from the Froggy Bottom shop. Standard grade instruments are also only available as custom guitars.

Ordering your guitar...

When you're ready to open this conversation,  give us a call!  802 763-0100. 

Once we've agreed on the details of your guitar we'll give you a price quote and a place in line.   You send us a 50% deposit and we'll give you the date we'll start your guitar (±2 weeks). Deposits on commissioned guitars are not refundable.

Waiting times can vary widely but we do not take deposits on guitars we can't start building within one year.


The video below features three guitarists playing and talking about the instruments Michael built for them.  It was recorded at a concert entitled Music Froggy Bottom: Three Guitarists Meet Their Maker


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